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Badlands National Park is almost exclusively visited as a quick drive-through by travelers on I-90 on their way to Mount Rushmore. They usually have their priorities reversed. It's Mount Rushmore that should get the quick look and Badlands that is worth an overnight stay. At a minimum, take a hike or two through the fascinating landforms. One trail includes examples of fossils bound in the area.
Most of the trails in the park are short. Serious backpackers take cross-country routes. Hiking in steep areas can be challenging because the soil and rock often doesn't provide firm footing.


An evening hike in Badlands

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Favorite hikes: Anywhere on the north side, overlooking the view to the south.
Favorite place to stay: There is one campground.
Favorite place to sit for hours: See above.
While in the area visit: Wind Cave National Park, a couple of hours drive to the south.
Read: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,by Dee Brown. The Ghost Dancing religion was practiced here by the Sioux in the latter part of the 19th century.

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