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Guadalupe is off the beaten path, but in many ways is in a good neighborhood. It is a short drive from Carlsbad Caverns National Park and most visitors are there to see both parks. Big Bend, one of my favorite parks, is only four hours to the south. The Guadalupe mountains are an interesting slice of the West Texas/New Mexico desert country and include the highest point in Texas, Guadalupe peak. There are numerous scenic and pleasant hikes in the park. I've only had a short visit there and like so many others places where the visit was too short, I wish I had more. There is one campground, which has a very pleasant tent area and the most barren, ugly slab of asphalt imaginable as the "RV" campground- and the staff seems to consider anything on wheels such as vans and pickup campers to be RV's. I haven't seen anything else like it in the National Park System, for which I am grateful. Spring is probably the best time to visit, but note that incredibly strong winds are commonplace in West Texas during that time of year and can make even a short walk an adventure.

View from the campground

View from the tent campground.

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Best Hike: McKittrick Canyon
Read: Track of the Cat, by Nevada Barr
Best place to stay: there are 2 campgrounds-avoid the RV areas

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