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Lassen is my favorite California park to visit. Note that I didn't say it is the "best" California park- Yosemite is, after all, in a class by itself. But Lassen is a true rarity- a beautiful California park without the crowds that make visits to many of the state and national parks there an ordeal. Campsites are usually readily available and the trails are not crowded.


Bumpass Hell

Bumpass Hell reminds one of the thermal areas of Yellowstone.
With the exception of Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, Lassen is the best place in the park system to examine recent volcanic activity

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Favorite hikes: To Bumpass Hell.
Favorite place to stay: Summit Lake Campground.
Favorite place to sit for hours: Looking over the lush green meadows toward Mount Lassen.
While in the area visit: .
Read: Firestorm, by Nevada Barr

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