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I have one piece of advice for all visitors to Sequoia- get away from the roads. This applies to many parks but especially to this one. Like Yosemite, it gets a flood of visitors from California urban areas, but is even less equipped to handle them. This is also the only national park where I have actually seen kids wearing gang colors and flashing gang signs- this was NOT what I was looking for in my wilderness experience. Like most parks, you don't have to get very far from the roads to escape the crowds. Ninety percent of the visitors don't venture over half a mile from the roads, so take a walk and enjoy.

A short walk away from the roads allows you to stroll among the big trees without the crowds

And the sights here really are worth seeing. A canopy of immense sequoias, mixed with stands of ponderosa pine and other evergreens, abundant wildflowers, clear streams and waterfalls makes the outdoor environment here just as pleasing as any other Sierra location. All this just a short drive from Fresno, which gets my vote for least appealing city near a national park. The High Sierra Camp at Bearpaw Meadow has one of the most spectacular settings of anywhere I've stayed in the National Park system. Nearby is King's Canyon National Park, much quieter and less heavily visited.

A fallen sequoia is a good-sized ecosystem in itself.

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