National Historical Park

Most of this site is devoted to National Parks, rather than historical parks and sites. But a visit to Southeast Alaska to see Glacier Bay should also include a stop at the lovely town of Sitka. It has a spectacular setting and a rich history. The park consists of trails through towering Sitka spruces with many examples of beautifully carved totems for which the natives of Southeast Alaska are famous.

One of many beautiful totems on the site.

Best place to stay: One of the many bed and breakfasts in and around the town fo Sitka. There are a couple of National Forest campgrounds if you have camping equipment.

Read: Looking Far North, by William Goetzman and Kay Sloan. An account of a famous expedition organized in 1899 by railroad magnate Edward Harriman. The expedition included John Muir, John Burroughs, and many other well-known naturalists of the time. Visit the official site.

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