Grand Teton

National Park

Only a few parks in the nation compare with the Tetons for sheer mountain grandeur. I can, and do sit on the shore of Jackson or Jenny lake for hours, especially in the early morning or evening and enjoy the spectacle of these gorgeous peaks reflected in the lake. The atmosphere in the Tetons seems a lot different than the atmosphere in Yellowstone, even though they're right next door. I prefer to visit Yellowstone primarily for backcountry visits, to avoid the traffic jams and impatient crowds found on the roads. I could visit the Tetons anytime.

Grand Teton doesn't offer quite the wildlife bonanza that Yellowstone does, but the combination of wildlife, serenity, and scenery is unbeatable.

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Favorite hike: Around Swan Lake, near Colter Bay. Excellent place to see moose and trumpheter swans while enjoying the reflections of the mountains.
Favorite place to stay:Colter Bay campground. Jenny Lake would be, but they consider my Volkswagen camper an RV!
Favorite place to sit for hours: By Jackson or Jenny Lake, looking west.
While in the area visit: The Wind River Range, to the south.
Read: Open Season, by James Magnusen. This novel does a wonderful job of describing the clashing cultures in the Jackson Hole area.
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